Mobile Application Development

ATPL mission is to revolutionize the way people and businesses use wireless technology. We have extensive experience in developing mobile applications, and integrating them with business applications, developing GUI for various handheld devices. The mobile landscape is changing around us constantly, everyday communications and entertainment are playing a big part in the choices subscribers make when downloading and playing music, text messaging, filming, distributing videos and photos as well as interactive gaming. 

The option of a mobile hand held information source opens possibilities in business such as communicating easily from a distance, ordering goods and services, or even getting recipes for dinner. There is a wide variety of use for mobile handsets and the possibilities are proving to be endless. 

There are currently 2.1 billion mobile phone users globally and those numbers are expanding by the millions. As potential grows for connections everywhere, it helps to have a mobile messaging partner with the capability for message distribution, content and reporting all in one. 

ATPL is set up to be that partner, we can bring you to the cutting edge of mobile communications with in-depth marketing knowledge of local legal, technological, and cultural issues. 

ATPL has the ability and vision to help with all your specific needs; we can keep you up to date on your goals while keeping a trained eye on industry growth and change in your area. We want to change the way people use wireless technology and revolutionize the industry. 

The mobile handset is a useful tool in building consumer awareness and ATPL’s mission is to provide you with specialized tools enabling your business to save time, reduce costs communicating with clients, staff and consumers. All the time, from anywhere! 

Today, ATPL is helping consumer-oriented brand names conduct interactive mobile marketing campaigns. We understand the importance of building and sustaining relationships with target markets, and our goal is to help boost your product sales and increase revenue. ATPL now has the skills you need to deliver effective, timely, and fully-integrated mobile campaigns that captivate, entertain, and most importantly engage the individual.

Wireless has clearly come of age-yet many companies are struggling with how to best re-envision the enterprise for mobility. You need unwired solutions and mobile applications that will extend your enterprise systems to mobile users anywhere, anytime to remain competitive. 

Solution Categories

  • Database Solutions.
  • Management and Security.
  • Mobile Enterprise .
  • Mobile Consumer.
  • Mobile Operator / Device Manufacturer.

Database Solutions

Market-leading data Management and enterprise data synchronization solution. It enables the rapid development and deployment of database-powered applications for mobile, remote, and small- to medium-sized business environments.

Management and Security 

Application allows companies to centrally manage and secure technology used at the front lines of business. Its frontline security Management capabilities provide enterprise-ready security solutions to protect mobile data and devices. The systems Management capabilities proactively manage all the devices, applications, data and communications critical to frontline success, regardless of the bandwidth available.

Mobile Enterprise 

In the present fast-paced business environment, the adoption of innovative mobile technologies play a crucial role in an organization’s business strategy, delivering significant value. To gain competitive advantage, organizations are fast moving into wireless space to equip their workforce with access to vital information, anytime, anywhere. Harnessing the power of mobile technologies, businesses automate and streamline their business processes with future-proof mobile applications that result in improved productivity and lowered operational costs. 

Mobile Consumer 

This approach of application development utilizes a single application suite to control business and presentation logic, and delivers content specific to each mobile device. 

For example, J2ME (Java 2 Mobile Edition) application automatically adapts to device configurations by using the device profile and configuration settings. These applications offer rich user interfaces that are not limited by the capabilities of WAP browsers.